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Who we are

Gordon has worked to strengthen undeserved communities since 2001.  Gordon gained extensive experience working with farming communities in Guatemala, which he has applied as a community organizer and capacity builder in the Southwest region of the United States. The focus of Gordon's work is around organizing communities to connect and develop their inherent strengths towards creating vibrant landscapes and places of opportunity. Over the past eight years, Gordon has worked to develop a community school-  urban farming project in South Phoenix, as well as a healthcare for homeless- service hub in Southwest Colorado.  Gordon lives part of the year in the jungle of Shanao, and part of the year in the mountains of Colorado with his wife Sara and three children, where they focus on improving the wellness of communities through fostering community inter-connectedness between people, animals, food, built and natural environments. 

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Michael is a Horticulturalist and a Bush regenerator that has 10 years experience in the world of data networks and database management. 

Having extensive experience in the import export sphere he is essential to the resource management model. Contact him for all matters Chocolate.

Jen has been a Spanish teacher and currently teaching ESL at the University of Colorado. She serves as a translator and is instrumental in marketing and sales in the for-profit sector.

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